About Us

You’ve hit the motherload! Here at Treasure Buckets Company, we believe activities should be exciting adventures and toys shouldn’t be plastic throwaways but true treasures. Excite idle minds with buckets of fun, hours of play and memories made. Our treasure buckets come with all of the supplies needed to go on a buried treasure hunt, complete with reusable packaging, educational pages and a drop cloth to lighten your load. Get ready to dig in! Our Buckets

We have the best treasure buckets on the market - and we are not just saying that - we let our buckets speak for themselves. We not only include everything that’s needed to go on a buried treasure adventure (sifter shovel, treasure bags, educational pages, drop cloth), but we also insure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. We include an ample amount of valuable treasures in each bucket that will bring joy for years to come. 
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